The mission of Kamal Music Centre is to offer music as a unifying force. The Centre of Indian Music celebrates the diversity offered in Indian music by offering different courses in music.

Examination Overview

Our Examinations and Certifications, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree

Kamal Music Center is an examination center established for certification, Diplomas, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree program for students of Indian classical vocal music. Under any of these programs, students may seek certification and Degrees in Five levels of proficiency and preparation. A student becomes eligible to receive certification at any level by passing a corresponding practical and written examination conducted by the P. K. K. in Chandigarh, India. (A deemed university) Ever since our establishment in 2005, almost all our students have been taking up recognized tests in music every year. The exams are conducted by P.K.K. in November annually. Tests are recommended for all age groups for any of the certification to be acquired.

Details of Examinations

Levels of Examination:

Prarambhik Part I & II       <------------------>       Junior Diploma
Bhushan Part I, II, & III       <------------------>       Senior Diploma
Visharad Part I & II             <------------------>       Bachelor in Arts Degree
Bhasker                              <------------------>        Masters in Arts Degree

Venue: 12993 Glengarry Crescent, Surrey B.C. Canada, V3V 1S9
Age: We require that persons participating in examination to be over the age of 6.

Type of Exam: These examinations are practical based. At the initial levels theory makes up 25% of the mark. At the time of the exam the student must first give a choice performance, it is then followed by a technical practical based question. In the third section, the examinee’s overall aptitude is tested. In the end, the examinee must answer theoretical questions based on the age of the student.


Benefits of the Examination

The student gains skills for concentration for writing, singing, and studying. The student gains confidence as they face the examiner and put in thinking for answering basic questions. This also helps to build confidence in performing in front of various number of groups of people.

The student feels encouraged by achieving successive levels of tests. It gives the teacher and the student a goal. At the successful completion of each level, the student is awarded a recognized certificate.

These certificates are recognized by various education boards, state governments, universities, in India. So, these certificates provide a respectable proof of the student's learning level.

Our views on Examination

For P.K.K. students, taking an examination is optional because we believe in the “Gurukul” system of learning. In the “Gurukul” ideology, a disciple of music continuously follows and learns from the Guru. Kamal Music Center believes that one should try to be a “disciple” of their Guru rather than a “student”. Being a disciple requires a rigorous and continuous commitment to Music.

In that sense, certification examinations do not matter, as the Guru and the disciple are fully aware of the disciple’s level of accomplishments and skills.

We encourage our disciples to focus on learning and continuing the tradition of the Classical Music, in the way it has been followed through generations. However, if a student wants to take an examination as a means of quantitatively assessing his or her individual level of accomplishment, KMC will not discourage.